Thursday, July 8, 2010

This Doens't Make me Want Bratwurst.

The warm weather on the east coast is bringing back memories of summers past of me. One of the things I am reminded of how dumb the entirety of Johnsonville Brat's advertising campaign has been. Let me demonstrate:

First off, this guy is a dick. I don't know why Charlie invited him to his lonely barbecue on a pier. Nothing about this commercial makes you want to buy food. It makes you want to rescue poor charlie for this community of brat-snatchers.

I remember first seeing this ad in the early 2000's. Yes you read that right. Despite the fact that it looks like it was shot on a super 8 in the 1960s, youtube (which is obviously an unquestionable source) agrees with me that its from the late 1990's

Why is Charlie choosing to barbecue on a wooden pier? He must know that an idea such as that will only end in his pier being replaced by pile of wood which has collapsed into the lake but is still somehow very much on fire due to the naplam-esque effect of lighter fluid and Brat fat.

My theory: Charlie is getting revenge on his obviously sociopathic neighbors who come and steal all of his food. This commercial is terrifying. I assume it was originally 3 seconds longer due to this slogan at the end: "Johnsonville Brats: the perfect thing to lure them in with."
or possible just: "Johnsoville Brats: Its murdering time!"

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  1. In fact, I never want to eat again.

    p.s. That guy should get some less shitty friends.