Monday, May 30, 2011

Look at this handsome son-of-a-bitch of a poster.

This poster is awesomely minimal and really well composed. Its such a compelling image, I now have a lot of desire to see this film, despite knowing nothing about it.

It is a re-release of a 1970's film, which is being put back into theaters by the folks over at Independent Film Channel, who at times seem to be are single-handedly trying to keep actually good films in theaters. Which is weird since they are a T.V. Channel. But I appreciate they are one of the few companies releasing films into theaters like Y Tu Mamá También , instead of films like Kevin James is Zookeeper

As I always say when awesome stuff like this or the Olly Moss Thor poster are brought to my attention. We need more illustrated posters. I understand why marketing departments think putting a huge badly photoshopped photo of the star of the film above a landscape as your poster will ensure the public knows it has a celebrity in it, but True Grit's all text posters proved you can still make over 100 million dollars with posters without the stars faces on it, you just have to be marketing something that is actually good.

[via Filmdrunk, who has a funny joke about the poster if you haven't read it.]

Podcast Episode 17

Thor's Hour of Thunder: 
Memorial Day Special:
 Episode 17: 
Sub-Earthmen's Revenge

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Roddy Piper, picture here during a brief rare
 moment when he was not hitting someone on
the head with a coconut or kicking
ass and chewing bubble gum.
This week we discuss: Harry S. Truman, and why he was a total badass, Joseph Stalin's mustache, Brad Neely, Wizard People Dear Reader, Harry Potter, The International Space Station, They Live, John Carpenter, Roddy Piper, George Nada, Keith David, Frank Armitage, Coors, Coors Lights, Well Tequila, Schlitz Malt Liquor, the ingredients for the drink "A Prairie Fire" (Thor's drink of choice is specifically the "Rynos Cold Prairie Fire", Clint Eastwood, Jennifer Connolly, Requiem for a Dream, Labyrinth, Ang Lee's The Hulk, Roadhouse, Clint Eastwood, Unforgiven, Hearafter, Martin Scorsese, Goodfellas, Casino, WWE, WWF, Terry Funk, Jay Mohr, Go, Bill Clinton, Monster Trucks.

Question expounded upon in honor of memorial day: What is the most "American" movie of all time? (feel free to email your answer to this question or comments to Hourofthunder at symbol gmail dot com (we have it written out like this to prevent spambots from emailing us.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Follow this duck to a bridge

Here are two random signs with birds on them that I know nothing about. The one with the bird being used as an arrow is from outside of 30th Street Station in Philadelphia.
Apparently actor Kevin Bacon's father was the city planner for philly for most of middle of the 20th century. That appears to be the era this sign is from, so I am gonna give him the credit /blame for using geese arrrows to help people find their way around the city of brothery love.
The puffin I saw in the northern suburbs of New Jersey. I have not idea what the group he is promoting is about, so I will assume it is a bunch of puffin dressed in costumes who do one of those "dinner party murder mystery" games with you.
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Podcast Episode 16

Thor's Hour of Thunder: Episode 16: Leprechaun in the Hood

This week we discuss: Why everything would be better with more pigeons, Michael Mann, the Keep, Doctor Who, 36 Chambers, RZA, the Shaw Brothers, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Priest, Django Unchained, Shaolin monks, Legion, valhalla, Eurotrip, King Kong, Fay Ray, King Kong 1933, King Kong 2005, Wu Tang Clang, The man with the iron fist, Shaolin versus the Wu Tang, John Woo, Mission: Impossible II, Mission: Impossible III, The Killer, Hard Boiled, Chow Yun-fat

Fuck Yeah Muppets!

Amy Adams is the best possible choice for a muppet movie.

The only way this could have a better cast would be if Kenneth from 30 Rock was in it:

cute animals not using swedish condoms

here are a series of Samsung ads that have all the cuteness of the Swedish condom ads I showed early, without the weird bunny hockey players having lots of sex factor that made those ads so weird.

So enjoy 2 minutes of unadulterated cuteness via samsung, and some phone they want you to buy (though this ad will probably cause a lot more people to buy bunnies and puppies than phones).

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dee snyder poster

Nice to see the lead singer of Twisted Sister getting work again. Here he is inexplicably on a billboard promoting the new Lady GaGa album
Looking at them side by side, I honestly think GaGa's make-up is based on Snyder's, and her teeth definitely are. Actually, Madonna + Twisted Sister + Cyndi Lauper, may be GaGa's entire secret formula to success.

P.S. Though "We're Not Gonna Take it" is about a million times catchier and more fun of a song, I have to say I like the music video for "I want to rock" better purely from a music video standpoint. Especially since it ends with Flounder from Animal House.

And the video for "We're Not Gonna Take It" since that song is already stuck in your head from me mentioning it before.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Williem Defoe

I've always thought Williem Defoe was a totally kick ass actor. I can't think of a movie I have seen him in where he doesn't give a completely fantastic performance. He is in a new Jim Beam ad which Is sincerely the classiest ad for liquor I have seen, possibly the classiest ad for anything which I have seen.

The Jim Beam "bold choice" slogan is pretty stupid at face value. I like Jim Beam a lot, but don't consider Burbon a "bold" drink choice. Though to be fire I was drinking, by choice, a Prairie Fire at a bar last night, so the problem probably lies with me and not Jim Beam's marketers.

For those of you who do not drink drinks that could also be used as effective nail polish remover, I should explain that a Prairie Fire is Tequila mixed with Tobasco sauce.

I also use Tabasco as a sports drink, and like Gatorade it comes in six flavors that all taste pretty much the same.
Getting back to Williem Defoe, I think the ad, especially with Defore seemlessly inhabiting every one of his roles in it, really sells "Bold Choice" as a slogan. I still think it is kind of a hokey slogan, but the ad is so well done from its cinematography to the makeup for Defoe, and has a really great flow to it. It would stand on its own as an exemplary short film if it didn't end with the Jim Beam logo. So the fact that they were able to use this theme of "Bold choice" to make an ad which is this down right inspiring does a lot to elevate my opinion of the slogan.

Advertising is inherently about commerce, but every once in a while an ad like this comes about which elevates the medium to exist as a form of artistic expression that just happens to be selling you a product.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Even more rabbit hockey players

There are apparent two more of these rabbit hockey players fucking ads from a Swedish condom company.

I don't speak Swedish, but I am willing to bet these ads wouldn't be any less mind itchingly ridiculous if i understood the voice over in them.

RFSU Power - Rabbit Hockey 2 from Koja on Vimeo.

RFSU Power - Rabbit Hockey 3 from Koja on Vimeo.

Other things I have learned from this ad: The Swedish word for condom is "condom" but said with a Swedish accent and probably spelled cøndæöm since my understanding of the Swedish alphabet is that everything has more vowels, and all of those vowels have crazy shit added to them like umlauts or this halo thing: Å. What I'm saying is: I'm jealous of Latin based alphabets that get to have these fun flourishes on the letters. I understand that they indicate pronunciation, but I prefer to think of them as just languages that let their letters play dress up.

still via the same website with an embarrassingly stupid title.

Podcast Episode 15

 Thor's Hour of Thunder: Episode 15: Leprechaun In Space

Also in podcast news: we upgraded out podomatic account so we now a customized webpage for the podcast over at podomatic take a look at its sexy self here:

Here is what happens at this at bat: The historical origins of 13 being an unlucky number, A spoiler free review of the episodes so far of series six of Doctor Who, Why Matt Smith is the best of the 21st century Doctors, Why Stetsons are cool, Mark Webb directing the new Spider-Man film, The White Stripes, Look at the fucking hipster, WWE, WWF, "Surfing the Edge of Sanity", Wrestling, James Bond, Jinx, Stagecoash, Back to the Future Part 3, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Westerns, Silverado, Kevin Kline, John Cleese, Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, jon pertwee, William Hartnell, River Song, The Master,
and: Why Scream 4 is why better than all the reviews are saying it is, and brief reviews of all 4 scream films, Eric Roberts, Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Rory Culkin, Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3, Scream 4, Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis, David Arquette, Alison Brie, Courtney Cox, Neve Campbell, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Saw, Paranormal Activity, Babylon 5, The Twilight Zone, Dead Silence, why Brad Dourif is awesome, Steve Dorff, Steve Zahn, Zach Galifianakis, intermezzos in opera.

What the fuck?

There are no words:

RFSU Power - Rabbit Hockey 1 from Koja on Vimeo.

I respond thusly:

That ad for a Swedish condom company is adorable and creepy and nonsensical and insane all at the same time. I mean seriously. What the hell?

via a website with an embarrassingly  stupid title.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Podcast Episode 14

Thor's: Episode 14: Jason Takes Manhattan: Friday the 13th Special & Thor Movie Premiere Special

This week Thor and Balder talk about the new Kenneth Branagh directed Thor film, The Friday the 13th films, Cowboys and Aliens, The Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds, why Jon Favreau is kinda a dick, Shitty 80's 3D Films, (back when it was spelled 3-D, or often "Part 3-D", because apparently every 3rd film in a franchise in the 80's was shot in 3D, a oppose to now where every film is post converted to 3D afterwards so they can charge five dollars extra for tickets.), and as always many other things.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Podcast Episode 13

Greetings from England

Thor's Hour of Thunder: Episode 13: In The Claws of the Scavenger!

In Honor of our 13th episode we do NOT discuss: the films 13 Ghosts, Friday the 13th, the 13th Warrior, Thirteen, or the shitty board game 13 Dead End Drive.

But we do discuss:
Doctor Who, Hellboy, Clockwork men, More on the upcoming Thor Film, The Green Lantern Film, Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, Shitty post stan lee 1960's x-men comic books, "Im the Juggernaut Bitch", Vinnie Jones, Shitty X-men vllians like: The Locust, Count Nefaria, the Eel, Porcupine, Morkubine Porcupine, and more on B-List Marvel villians, Crank 2: High Voltage, Crank 3, Jason Statham having sex with amy smart, Dennie O'Neal, The Savageland. Aquaman, Captain America