Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"The manatee is endangered, and I think it's because its out of shape" -Jim Gaffigan

This isn't really an ad, but I dug this talking manatee plush toy:

While this toy seems very cute and educational, I'm sad they didn't get Jim Gaffigan to voice the manatee, since one of his most famous stand up bits is about the animals.

(here is that bit below, the whole thing is funny, but the manatee part starts 1:30 into the video.)
Jim Gaffigan - Manatees
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This stuffed animal, as well as a bunch of other stuff is for sale at , with the profits going to help manatees. Buy something over there if you feel like helping this pudgy little buggers out. I actually first heard about this charity through Jim Gaffigan who used to plug it on his website years ago.

Anyway, this was more of an ad for manatees than anything else. It would have been a lot more amusing if by that I meant an ad marketed towards manatees. so I will end this post with how that might go down:

Are you an aquatic herbivores that eats 50 pounds of plants a day?

Getting sick of the same old, wet, vegetables day after day?

Try Frito-Lay's new "Deep Fried Mangrove Leaves".
"That sounds finger lickin' good!"


  1. @The Internet

    Thanks for clicking this post. It is the most popular on the whole blog right now.

    I just wanted to briefly update it, to mention that Jim Gaffigan has a new stand up special right now which features jokes about whales which are in a similar vein to his manatee routine watch the clip here:

  2. PS apparently blogger doesn't allow me to post clickable links in the comments. That is not cool.