Thursday, November 17, 2011

Elijah Wood is still awesome

This* was apparently a promo for something called "Fantastic Fest" which took place in October in Austin Texas. I don't know anything about it, but if it involves Elijah Wood being awesome, it is just an other reason for me to ad to the many many why I clearly need to visit Austin.

There are more details about what actually happened between Wood and Dominic Monaghan at Fantastic Fest (it was apparently a debate about World of Warcraft) in this serious newspaper article. But I prefer this video completely out of context. Or perhaps as a trailer for The Hobbit.

Seriously, think about how awesome that would be. You are sitting in a theater and during the trailers this footage plays followed by the title card, "Peter Jackson's The Hobbit see it or Elijah is comin' for you."

Also: if any gym hires Elijah Wood as their spokesman, I will buy a life time membership to it, even if that gym is in another state**

Other things you can watch involving these two actors if you are in a  "watch things***" mood right now:

Wood was funny and charming on Colbert this week:

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Dominic Monaghan was so good in the "Love The Way You Lie" video I didn't realize it was him tell I read an interview with him about it (I mean he acted like a prick instead of being cute and smiley):

* Thanks to Andrea for making me aware of this clip

**think of how much exercise I would get running to a gym several states away to excersize. It would be the Forest Gump workout.

*** As opposed to a "Runnin' Things" mood, as Creamed Corn is in this clip:

 (sorry its someone recording a video off the internet with their cell phone camera, but all other versions of this clip were removed from youtube for copyright, this one is so shitty it slipped by.) (besides audio was fine, and that is what is really important for this clip.)

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