Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Podcast episode either 35 or 0

Thor's 35 or 0: Banana Hammock: prequel to the hour of thunder (recorded for Halloween 2006)

In the tradition of the early 90's TV special "Disney's Halloween Treat" we have never before heard material for you in honor of Halloween, but it is actually very old material. You are about to be an audio witness to an old of "Thor's Hour of Thunder" from October 26th, 2006, back when Balder and I had a college radio show.

This episode is labeled 35 because we have 33 and 34 recorded which are both part of the epic two part, super sized, extra tasty crispy, Doctor Who Special, but those need to be edited and will be on uploaded for next week.

A bit of helpful background: We were axed from our college's tiny online radio station for "being too awesome" in 2005, so this episode from October 2006 is our triumphant return. Hense out talk at the beginning where I say "we are back!." In 2006 we were a talk and music formatted show, so we talk a bunch about the usual geeky shit we still talk about today, but also play lots of classic rock and early 2000's indie/alternative. Back then I also had even less of an idea of how to work a sound board, so sorry for any errors that occur.

One final disclaimer: the station at our college was online only, and would sometimes throw in random delays for a few seconds, since this is an unedited "off air" mp3, those gaps in the audio still exist. Sorry for them, but I promise you don't miss anything, the school's system just put these delays in because it sucks, but it goes right back to the same spot on the show.

All the disclaimers about the quality out of the way (and lets be honest here quality is not what your expect when you turn into the Hour of Thunder), you are about to hear 2 hours of me and Baldr from 5 years ago, so be prepared to marvel at how little we have matured in the intervening years.

Things that happen in this episode:

Raiders of the lost ark, making fun of public service annoucements, Mary Meyers, the decemberists, not the decemberists, the aquabats, Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford, Daniel Radcliffe, harry potter, Equus, Theater, Globe, Wand, Warner Brothers, penis, Horses, Richard Burton, Ben Lee, Ben Kweller, Dear Catastrophe Waitress, Belle & Sebastian, Raiders of the Lost Arch, John Williams

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