Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Podcast Episode 67

Thor's 67: The Return of the Shadow (comedy radio play) 

Hey folks Thor here, we got the gang who used to record our old college "Radio Theater" back together, as we did last Christmas when we recorded "A Christmas Carol" This time we recorded an parody of the old Orson Welles Radio show "The Shadow." This was a orginal script (written by Baldr) parodying the Orson Welles show. Baldr wrote this back from college. We are hoping to do more of these in the future, let us know what you think of that idea by email hourOfThunder (at)

You can download episodes we did back in college here if you are interested: (above link may come up as a rss feed subscription, here is the main page) 

Download the past episodes of The Hour of Thunder here.

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