Thursday, January 31, 2013

Williem Defoe is amazing at everything he does.

Between this and the amazing ad/ short film for Jim Beam also Starring Williem Defoe, Defoe is gradually becoming the star of every single epic commercials of the 2010's

This one has great styling and pacing, and a really funny tone.

Sure the punchline to this is pretty obvious from the get go. Mercedes is not gonna have an ad end with someone making a deal with the devil to buy one of their cars. But it doesn't matter, both your and the commercial now how it is going to end, so its about the ride not the twist.

Mercedes is clearly trying to show themselves as more hip by making an ad that is this goofy and fun, and clearly trying to appeal to a younger generation then the normal Mercedes buyer.

I often am put off by ads which so clearly pander to a younger demographic from brands which appeal to older customers. But this one totally works. It is clever enough and well shot enough, and most importantly has a sense of humor about it self. The sense of humor here really is key. It is what makes this and fun in contrast to the unearned pretension that is off-putting in this Ketel One ad targeted at  the same demographic.

1800 Tequila had ads starring Michael Imperioli also tried to make a product with an older male customer base seem hip,  but where as the Ketel One ad comes across as to self-serious, These 1800 ads came across as too aggressive and angry. All of them involved Imperioli (The Sopranos), basically trying to pick a fight with a bottle of Patron. I personally agree that Patron is over priced and tends to be drunk by people who are impressed by its fantastic bottle design and clever marketing, rather than by its taste, but these ads make 1800 Tequila look weak by positioning themselves not as a strong product in and of themselves but as a company with a huge chip on its shoulder about its competitors.

The Mercedes ad works where Ketel One and 1800 fail.  Mercedes makes their product come across as awesome, but in a much more playful and endearing way then the brute force message put forth by Ketel One's Bros who are so cool they get to enter the club via the back door, or 1800's Imperioli verbally abusing a bottle.

The guy they cast in the Mercedes ad is just handsome and charming enough to work as the lead, but is everyman-ish enough that you believe he would be surprised and confused when Kate Upon wants to be photographed with him, and consequently you root for him instead of winding up thinking he is a douchebag.

Mercedes ad found via Filmdrunk

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