Friday, June 18, 2010


The Shaq commercial I posted as part of my a million word long entry yesterday showed at shot of the scrabble board Shaq was playing on. I didn't bother to pause it and try to read all of the words starting with Shaq which Shaq had spelled out, but today I decided to. I'll show you a screen capture of it first in case you want to try to read them through the low res blur of youtube yourself.

(Words listed after a brief word from our sponsor)

She eyed...

His beard...

And said no dice...

The wedding's off--...

I'll COOK the rice...


You can find out what words are written by google searching, but I assure you I squinted at the screen and read them in all their low res glory myself. Because you, dear reader, deserve no less.

The words are:


and my favorite,


I wonder what qualifies something to be "in the style or manner of" of Shaquille O'Neal?

My favorite -esque word that I'm aware of being in the Oxford English Dictionary is "Pythonesque" which means in the style of Monty Python. Hopefully Shaq will get the credit he deserves and Shaqesque will be in the Oxford Dictionary someday.

Its little details like that game board that separate well produced advertising from okay advertising. I'm sure ESPN gets tons of free publicity from people re watching that video to see what the words on the board are. Or actually maybe I'm the only person who re watched it to do that.

At the very least they now have very high brand awareness in the me demographic.

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