Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jackass 3D now on DVD

In honor of Jackass 3D, the best documentary film of 2010, being released on DVD this week, I thought I would take a second to talk about Jackass 3D's radio ad campaign, mostly as an excuse to post a clip of the BMX joust from the Jackass T.V. Show.

Jackass is a pretty difficult movie to sell using a radio ad. You can't use dialogue clips like you would with a trailer for a normal comedy, since all the memorable dialogue from everything in the Jackass cannon is them swearing after they injure themselves.

The ad team behind Jackass 3D took the clever approach of having an announcer, in an emotionless voice, give the names of some of the stunts for about 45 seconds, and just when you had reached maximum curiosity about what the hell this ad was about, the familiar jackass guitar riff came in followed by the details about the film stated over the show's theme song.

It somehow made an ad for jackass suspenseful, and really grabbed one's attention. As the list goes on, the listener begins to wonder if the station's D.J. has cut into the commercials to read the only the answers to a mad-lib he just did, or has possibly suddenly developed some sort of disorder where he speaks only in Pink Floyd song titles "Roller-skate Buffalo!,Atomic Heart Mother!,Lamborghini Tooth Pull!,Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast!"

Here are what the names of some of the stunts in part 3D were. I'm listed them in order of how much they sound like a Jackass stunt, so that if you want to get an idea of what this ad was like you can read them aloud to your self right now. (Play the jackass theme song immediately afterward to get the full effect.)
Tee Ball, The Rocky, Jet Airplane, The Blind Side, Bad Dog, Sweat Suit Cocktail, Roller-skate Buffalo, Golf Ball Racquetball, Gorilla in the Hotel Room, Lamborghini Tooth Pull, Penis Peeing Camera.

Jackass - BMX Joust by pic-madden

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