Monday, March 21, 2011

This post is an F-18!!!!!!

I know the internet is over Charlie Sheen*, but I really want to address how clever the marketing department at the Bakersfield Condors is. (While ignoring the fact that I just ended that sentence with a preposition.)

My cousin John brought this to my attention, so major props to him for making all of our lives more awesome by knowing about it. The minor league hockey team the Bakersfield Condors out in Bakersfield, California had "Charlie Sheen" night last week.

It was the greatest hockey promotion I have ever heard of, or at least the most winning. Even better than when the Las Vegas Wranglers had "Rod Blagoavich prison uniform night" Where the refs were dressed as cops and the team all had special Illinois Department of Corrections hockey jerseys on (which were auctioned off for charity at the end of the night.)

The Condors unfortunately did not have specialty jerseys made up to look like bowling shirts, but since they got this promotion together in something like 2 weeks I will give them a pass.

What they did have was this:

-A banner with Charlie's face on it and the word WINNING! behind the goalie which I want to have to hang up above my bed.

-2 for 1 Tiger blood flavored snow cones

-If you have an official clean drug test from a doctor you get in for free (which is probably only a good deal if you happen to have to get a drug test anyway, since I assume those cost more than a minor league hockey ticket.)

-Bowling shirts everywhere

-The team was one sale that night for 2 million dollars (which how much Sheen made per episode of 2 and 1/2 men.)

-Anyone dressed like Charlie Sheen or one of the characters he played get in for 2 and 1/2 dollars. (which is obviously meant to represent his former show 2 and 1/2 men, but I instead like to think is symbolizes the number of successful jokes in Charlie's film Major League 2.)**

(this news report about it is pretty hokey, but gets all the major points across)

Source: Puck Daddy!/ My cousin John

*Craig Ferguson opened his show a few weeks ago saying he was no longer going to make fun of Charlie Sheen since he was worried Sheen is genuinely crazy and making fun of Sheen makes Craig feel like he is "someone in the 19th century paying to stare at the lunatics in Bedlam."

I Just wanted to point that out and also point out I am not as nearly as good a person as Craig, because I still find Charlie's antics hilarious, but I am not a bad enough person to not think Craig is admirable for not kicking people when he sees them as being down.

Major League 2 was such a ridiculously huge step down from the awesome first Major League film, which is one of my favorite sports films. It is funny when you look back on the fact that Wesley Snipes was such a big a star at the time that he turned down Major League 2 after being awesome as Willy Mayes Hayes in Major League. Considering Snipes most recent roles were the direct to DVD film The Art of War part 2 and being sent to prison for tax evasion, he must look longingly back on when he was able to turn down films because they were not very good.

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