Thursday, March 17, 2011

Podcast Saint Patrick's Day Special!

In this Episode of Thor's Hour of Thunder:

Baldr reports on Saint Patrick Day traditions in Vienna, Austria. Discussed this week: Other Saint Patrick's day trivia, including how Belfast is different from Cardiff; Stan Lee's recent interview where he discussed both The Thing's penis and Mr. Fantastic's penis (of the Fantastic 4). (Yes that actually happened.); Why "The Boy From Brazil" is the greatest movie ever; Rare Exports the recent Scandinavian horror film; a review of the recent Norwegian film "The Troll Hunter"; Why the 2005 Bill Goldberg WWE wrestler-ploitation film was ahead of its time (but still awful); inadvertently swearing at childern; rock climbing; dunk tanks; Watchmen; Allan Moore; Doctor Manhattan's big blue penis;The Incredible Hulk; Peter David; Todd mcfarlane; even more about superheros having sex than stated above; and as always, much much more, possibly more than you want.

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