Monday, April 29, 2013

Podcast Episodes 86 and 86

Thor's Hour of Thunder

Episodes 85 & 86

Episode 85: Shaq Fu

Thor, Baldr, Hiemdale, and new god Bjork discuss the 1983 album sung entirely by NASCAR drivers "Stock Car Racing's Entertainers of the Year". Shaq's music career, video game career, and career as a Genie. Also Shaq in the comic book movie Steel, the Superman/ DC comics character Steel.

The upcoming super man film, Man of Steel, including the latest trailer featuring General Zod.

Thor reviews the new Ryan Gosling Bradly Cooper film "The Place Beyond the Pines." Thor also reviews the first two episodes of the new Netflix Streaming series, "Hemlock Grove"

Episode 86: Kazaam

I found out since recording that the kid in Kazaam is the same actor who played Weevil on the TV show Veronica Mars (His name is Francis Capra, no relation to the 1930's director Francis Capra.) 

That just blew my mind so much that I am having trouble writing this description. I think we talk about super heros, and Shaq some more. We also talk about Reese Witherspoon's hilarious run in with Georgia's State Police. 

I saw a kid walking down the street in Philly with a Game Genie shirt on the other day, remember that "Game Genie" add on for Nintendo? It allowed you to start at any level, and had that awesome commercial ( ) Hey, game Genie, Shaq was a Genie in Kazaam, and then a video game in Shaq Fu. The game Genie would have been a much better product if it allowed you to add Shaq as Kazaam as a playable character to all your video games. 

Man, Kid from Kazaam grew up to be Weevil. How crazy is that?

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