Monday, September 23, 2013

The End of Reading

I remember seeing James Patterson doing ads for his  books were he spoke directly to the camera from back when he was younger and bearded, the ads were not great, but they were dignified and made his books seem like a bit of a big event, as far as disposable fiction goes.

Whoever convinced him to put on the world's cheapest pirate costume and stand in front of the same background from my high school yearbook photo, was, shall we say... ill-advised.

I don't know which version of this ad is worse, the one of Patterson embarrassing himself, or this one of the world's worst child actor delivering the same bad puns.

Its sad seeing Patterson slum it, but at least he is able to give this terrible ad the tone it needs. This kid is way too damn sincere and excited about yelling this stupid puns at my face.

(PS I came across this ad in the form of the one with the kid, and saw it while watching an episode of the late 80's television series Murder, She Wrote on The Hallmark Channel, so I am not sure who told Hachette publishing that it was a good idea to air an ad for a book aimed at kids, which was staring a kid and clearly marketed towards kids at 1 in the morning on a channel that is only watched by people over 80 years old during the day, and is only watched by me at night, but Hachette is the same compnay who decided to stop publication of the greatest movie magazine of all time, Premiere, so none of these events are really surprising.

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