Tuesday, April 6, 2010

These Aren't Your Dads Puns! They are Turbopuns!

This a ridiculously amazing ad parody from an internet Canadian sketch comedy group called Picnicface. It makes fun of extreme energy drinks using a fictional one called Power Thirst. They should have hired these guys to try to make Power Bar Juicy Gummi Bears appealing, though as I said in the previous post, no one could have succeeded at that.

This is perhaps the best parody of ads that try to be "extreme!" since the Mountain Dew swilling extreme jerks in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle (Extreme in store kayaking! Extreme cashier!). In fact I will be so bold as to say that this ad is in even funnier than the extreme guy characters in Harold and Kumar. Because here at Strictly Commercials were aren't afraid to take tough stands on the big issues, especially when they are issues that I myself just made up, and that no one has ever discussed before, or will ever discuss again.

[source for the PowerThirst ad parody]

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