Monday, January 31, 2011

Quizzno's Superbowl Ad

I wasn't aware of this at the time but Quizno's apparently did the greatest superbowl ad of all time back in 2004. There ad agency had the animator from make an ad using his weird spongmonkey characters who sing in a harsh voice about things they like. Only since its a Quizno's ad this time they sing about Quizno's subs, instead of the moon or blimps.

I can only imagine all the what the fuck looks people gave eachother in the stunned silence that followed people seeing that at their Super Bowl parties.

Here is an even better ad with the same highly distrubing spokesmen:

The possible coupons the use to illustrate the point make me laugh every time. I really want to find a coupon for pony rides.

Except I would make a copy of it, use one at quizzno's, and then use the other copy to get a discounted pony ride. Except I'm probably too big for a pony ride, I think once you are six feet tall you are not allowed to partisipate in a pony ride unless you are letting a tired pony ride around on your back.

Actually that sounds like fun too, where do I get a coupon for that. has a in depth history and opinion about this ad if you are interested. If not here is a song They Might Be Giants wrote about the 70's movie theater speaker technology Sensurround which originally appeared on the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: The Movie Sound Track for some reason: (mad props to Strictly Commercials' Official West Coast Correspondent, Ben for making me aware of this song.)

And here is a vhs tape that got is magnetism fucked up of They Might Be Giants singing that song live for the first time. Its really low quality, but I thought I would include a link to it just because I like how they introduce the song: "A song of ours just came out on a movie sound track album last week which you would never ever want to buy."

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