Friday, April 8, 2011

This Thor Poster is Simply Fantastic

Empire Magazine has a page every month where they have graphic designer Olly Moss create a minimalistic illustrated poster for an upcoming film. I've often looked at this and longed for studios to be brave enough to hire Moss to design their actual marketing material, instead of going with the usual actors heads photoshopped into the sky crap that is the norm these days in movie marketing.

Marvel decided to answer my prayers and hired Moss to promote the upcoming Thor film. Here is the awesome poster he created:

Some of its elements seem to be a direct homage to the poster for the 1959 film Anatomy of a Murder. Which is  a pretty random source.

I haven't seen Anatomy of a Murder since I was in my early teens, but I remember it being a pretty weak film, with a labored pace and no one to really root for in it. I considered it a waste of talent having Jimmy Stewart, George C. Scott, and Orson Bean in it. The best thing about the film, at least to my 14 year old self, was its spectacular poster and the fantastic score by the great Duke Ellington.

So its nice to see elements of the poster referenced in this Thor poster. Maybe we will get really lucky and director Kenneth Branagh will also have the film's entire score be comprised of Duke Ellington music. While we are at it, could we have Natalie Portman do a George C. Scott impression the whole movie? No? That would be stupid? What about having Anthony Hopkins do a Jimmy Stewart impression then? Man, I would pay good money to see Hopkins do a Jimmy Stewart impression, preferably while reading the entire script to Harvey.

I love everything about this picture. I'm not sure why I don't end every post with this image.

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  1. this is a brilliant poster. i've never seen it anywhere. marvel paid for the design but then didn't bother using it? the ones they did use were exactly as you described and in my opinion abysmal, uninteresting garbage. (kinda describes the movie too)