Friday, April 22, 2011

No, I will never stop doing posts about the Old Spice Guy. OR: "the man your man could smell like" ad update part 2319.

I had seen that Old Spice had some new ads in their Man Your Man Could Smell Like campaign. I hadn't mentioned these ads on the blog yet, because I have already made my love of these commercials known on many many many occasions, and didn't feel like I had much new to say about the newest ads in this continually awesome and well executed series.

I however just discovered that Old Spice did a pretty amazing making of for one of these ads. Old Spice posted it back in March, but I only became aware of its existence today, so I thought I would be remiss if I didn't share its awesomeness with you. (yes, you personally, everyone else who reads this blog can fuck off.*)

Here is the commercial itself:

...and here is how they did it: The first 1:15 is the actual making of, and is really incredible, I wouldn't have guessed half of the transitions they used, its a really good example of how camera placement changes the viewers perception of a scene. The remaining 2 minutes of the video are interviews with the writers and with Isaiah Mustafa, whom I have already established I enjoy watching do anything. Including reciting the script from the first commercial verbatim on Ellen's talk show.

Mustafa's answer to his favorite part about the Old Spice ad at 1:15 is pretty fantastic.


*I discovered while finding my old Old Spice posts to link here that I made this same joke back in August while discussing the 2nd series of Old Spice ads.  I assume if Old Spice is still making ads with Isaiah Mustafa six months from now, I will again make a joke about talking specifically to you, dear reader. I guess the way Mustafa directly addresses the audience makes me pine to interact with my readers more intimately. I guess a better word choice there would have been "personally", or a more honest choice of words would have been "sexually".

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