Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Colbert's steve jobs tribute.

So I was reading Regina Spektor's facebook posts, (which are super awesome and informed if you are looking for information on many things as described by an adorable Russian Musician), and she put up that fantastic Apple "Think Different" ad as a tribute to steve jobs back when he died two weeks ago.

I had kinda forgotten how fantastic those ads were and it reminded me of how excited I was as a kid when apple convinced Jobs to come back to Apple from pixar and save the company. I remember doing a report on him leaving the company in 4th grade. And also remember how amazing and cool I thought the tiny fast Power Mac G4 Cube was when it was first publicized in 1999, and that I had the fold out advertisement for it from Newsweek up on my wall for all of high school. The ad just had a photo of the computer with its flat monitor and sexy round speakers with the only text reading, "The Power Mac G4 Cube. Actual Size" followed by the Apple logo. And how I thought apple's minimalist advertising was the slickest shit ever. I am now also remembering that I have always been a huge dork.
And I only didn't have this picture as a poster on my bedroom while in grade
school because I didn't know it existed until nine seconds ago.

Jobs had been sick for so long his death didn't really impact me when I first heard about it. I mean, I obviously felt bad for the guy, but this had been eminent for almost three years now, so I guess my brain was somehow more prepared for the initial news that say, Hunter S. Thompson's suicide or Mitch Hedberg's "heart attack."*

I didn't really fully remember by childhood fondness for jobs and his genius and his awesome hair until I was catching up on Colbert episodes last week and saw the eulogy that Stephen Colbert did for Jobs. It starts out respectful but comic, and then the last 50 seconds slowly turn into something that would have made me cry if I was the kind of man who admitted that things make him cry.

*The autopsy was never made public at the request of his family, but it has been assumed to be a heroin overdose. 

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