Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The two best things in visual music of the year.

I really love the Kia Soul ad which has their anamorphic hamster mascots dance to party rock anthem.

Char over at Because A Fire  first made me aware of this ad a few weeks ago. and if you have read this blog before, or listened to the Hour of Thunder Podcast you may be aware that I:
1. Love cars
2. have loved Kia since their ridiculous almost anarchic early 90's ads
3. Think the Kia soul is finally a car from Kia as cool as their ads.
4. Own hamsters because someone abandon them over night in the mailroom of my old apartment. (My friend Allison coined the term "Dumpster Hamsters" after the dumpster baby episode of Always Sunny.*
5. Think LMFAO is an awesome bad with music videos that are somehow even more fun than their music.

This video somehow combines everything in the above list into one minute of pure awesome:

File this one under "commercials which where clearly written to market a product specifically at me."

The other best thing to happen this year involving music being played over video footage, was They Might Be Giants music video for "Can't Keep Johnny Down" which was 3 minutes of Rip Torn bear knuckle boxing:

Rip Torn music video via Filmdrunk.com


*I named the largest of the hamster "Richard Hamster" in honor of Richard Hammond, the sexiest and shortest host of Top Gear.

Richard is the one on the left.
(Because A Fire also made me aware of this drawing. which was created by this lady, whose site has many other awesome drawings you should check out.)

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