Thursday, October 6, 2011

I will never be done talking about GroupOn's Super Bowl Ad apparently.

The GroupOn SuperBowl ad starring Timothy Hutton, is something I have already addressed a before. Here is the original audio of my opinion which I posted the week after the Super Bowl: (sorry it is clippy as shit, I hadn't figured out how to use my computer's microphone yet.)

I just wanted to update it with a recent joke about the incident which someone made in the format of the "Helpful Tyler Durden" Meme:

While I still think GroupOn's ad was not an effective way to advertise GroupOn (and GroupOn agreed and dropped the agency). I like the Durden meme above's idea of it being some type of subversive way to get GroupOn to pay for an ad that was terrible for their own business but great for world peace.

Oh! And this version of that same meme is just downright charming:

I apparently have some pretty Norman Bates like ideas of what "charming behavior" is.

Via Uproxx

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