Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why Isn't Kylie Minogue gyrating in Lingerie the basis for all ads?

Seriously. I can't think of an ad that wouldn't be improved by Kylie Minogue in lingerie. If that Chevy Sonic ad in the previous post had been a minute of Kylie Minogue in a bra and stockings writhing around on top of a Chevy Sonic instead of dropping it out of a plane it would have been the greatest car ad of the year. It still would have told us nothing about the car, but dudes would have bought the car just on the off chance that owning it would cause half naked women to roll around on top of it.

The above ad was also a very effective ad for mechanical bulls covered in couch fabric.

I'm not sure why the creepy old woman was in the ad. Based on the end its seemed like the ad was meant to be shown in movie theaters, so maybe the old woman was just there to make the whole thing slightly less sexy and prevent massive outbreaks of people masturbating openly in movie theaters.

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