Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dean Winters arose from the grave to bring you this ad.

These commercials are okay but not great, but the concept and script is made oh so much better due to them starring Dean Winters. Dean, who Liz's half wit Irish-American boyfriend on 30 rock, was always my favorite reoccurring character on that show.

As a half wit Irish-American, I always liked the character. And Winters portrayal of him made him as endearing and earnest as he was obnoxious.*

Beyond Winters seeming like a supercool guy the thing that inspired me to cover this beyond the 30 rock connection was that it is in all sincerity pretty amazing he is alive to do these ads.

I'm the last person who should try and type anything sincere, but let me just point you toward this New York post Article on Winters and say that I'm very glad he recovered in order to play Mr. Mayhem.

As I said, the ads are good but not great, I'm just posting it to support a dude who played an Irish-American hockey fan on T.V. There are several in the series, but AllState fortunately made one of them that uses clips from all of them so you can just watch this and get the gist: (sort of a trailer for a series of commercials if you will. I did not realize one could have a preview for commercials until just now.)

*Actually the character would probably be my favorite anyway just because one of the plot points is that he is die hard hockey fan.And a fan of a shitty team to boot. I can't find the clip of my scene with winters on the show so I will paraphrase:

Liz: I was so mad I was ready to storm in here and murder you!
Dean Winters: I wish you had. I wish I was dead. The Islanders lost tonight.
Liz: But doesn't that, you know, happen a lot?

The End (Go Tavares)

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