Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Podcast Episode 19

Thor's Hour of Thunder: Episode 19: Mars Needs Women!
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This Episode We discuss:

Gary Oldman, X-men First Class, Kevin Bacon, Everything is better with Bacon, Everything is Better with Kevin Bacon, The Professional, Leon The Professional, Sebastian Shaw, Hugh Hefner, The Cuban Missile Crisis, Juggernaut, I'm the Juggernaut Bitch, Magneto, Professor X, Professor Charles Xavier, James McAvoy, Michael F. Assbender, Michael Fassbender, Danny Trejo, Runaway Trian, Eric Roberts, Key Grip, The Face is Familiar, The Dark Knight, Batman, Emma Robert's Dad, Doctor Who, Heath Ledger, The Joker, Diamonds are Forever, Moonraker, Ian Fleming, James Bond, the novel version of Moonraker, Wild Wild West, Will Smith, Tampa Bay Lightening, Tampa Bay Lightening Flash, The Flash, D.C. Comics. Los Angeles, Sacramento Kings, L.A. Kings, Anaheim Kings, Clippers, L.A. Clippers, Kobe Bryant, Lakers, L.A. Lakers, Michael Vick, The Eagles, Hide your beagle Vick's and Eagle, Two and a half men, Charlie Sheen, Chuck Lore, Shut Up Crime!, Rainn Wilson, Super, Ellen Page, Coastal City, Green Lantern, Central City, The Shadow, Continental City, Canada, Hockey, , NHL HOCKEY, Stanley Cup, The Question, Watchmen, Hub City, Roshak, Roshak Sucks, moral compass, Ra al ghul, Cool World, Liam Neeson, Gabriel Byrne, Animated Horror, Horror, Fritz the Cat, X Rated for a reason, Lord of the Rings, Animated, American Pop, ralph bakshi, The original plot of the horror movie version of "Cool World". Johnny Cash, My Name is sue, how do you do? now your gonna die! denny o'neil

In keeping with our tradition of giving these episodes unrelated titles, we do not discuss "Mars Neds Women" the 1966 American International Pictures film.

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