Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Budweiser loves all teams equally

No wait! Bud says go Mets!

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Bud says Go Yanks!
I get that any company that is the "official shitty beer" or " official cut of pork*" or "the official anal lubricant" of major league baseball is going to do team specific ads in each market using the logos of
the home team.

Obviously, they are not gonna make 30 different ads, so they photoshop the team's logo onto a
standard ad template.

As you can see here, bud when several steps beyond this.  Using the same models and photo but
splicing in the uniforms and stadium of each team.
No wait! Bud can't decide, but just
loves all baseball!

The photoshopping on this is first rate. I wish any movie poster ever bothered doing photoshop work
this well.

 If New York didn't have two different baseball teams and if Budweiser had not chosen to use ads for both the Yankees and Mets using this same photoshopped scene in the same subway cars, I am sure this wouldn't bother me. But as a Mets fan it makes me sad to see them getting the exact same ad as the Yankees. I am sure Yankees fans feel the same way.

So my final ruling on these ads is this: I have to give Budweiser accolades for doing such a great job in the execution of these ads. But I don't think they are gonna sell very much beer if people keep seeing them side by side with a team they hate. 

I am a new york transplant who doesn't follow baseball religiously, I can't even imagine how pissed this makes die hard life long fans who see these ads side by side on the subway.

Thanks to Kerry for pointing this silliness out to me, she also showed me that W.B. Mason uses the same ad in all their advertising space in every stadium in the country they buy ads, which says something along the lines of "W.B. Mason loves the your sports team name here now and forever and is loyal to them and no one else, pinky swear!"

Kerry pointed out it is pretty funny to see W.B. Mason cheering for every baseball team in the country if you are at a bar showing multiple games.

*I assume the iowa chop is the official cut if meat of the low minor league hockey team named "the iowa chops". Yes that is an actual team, read a great review of that team's name at logo over at Bush League Factor. (Actually if you don't read Bush League Factor in general, you should start, its really funny.)

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