Sunday, July 31, 2011

Podcast Episode 24

Thor's Hour of Thunder: Episode 24: Super Mark-io Brothers!

Thor and Baldr welcome special guest star Shannon Hunter, the owner of World Professional Wrestling.

We discuss: ECW, Jersey All Pro Wrestling, Jersey Shore Championship Wrestling, Jason Knight, Combat Zone Wrestling, Reading, Pennsylvania, Baldr geeks out, Ring of Honor, Pinkie Pinkerton, Eddie Valentine.

World Class Championship Wrestling, Missy Hyatt, Woman's World Cup Soccer, U.S. World Cup Soccer Team, MMA, WWF, WWE, Jeremiah Riggs, Randy Orton, luke robinson, Andy Leavine, CM Punk, kimbo slice, Independent Wrestling, Low Ki, Kawal, zach rider, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Undertaker, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Jr, Bryan Danielson, Daniel Bryan, Phillip Jack Brooks, Homicide, Low Ki,

Meeting your heros, Tommy Dreamer, Shane Douglas, The Franchise, Mick Foley, Mankind, Deathmatch Santa, Nikolai Volkoff, Josip Nikolai Peruzovińá, the Iron Sheik, the Mikey Rourke, Wild Samoan Training Center, Necro Butcher, Dylan Keith Summers, Pro Wrestling Unplugged, Gorilla Position, Johnny Cashmere, D.J. Hyde, Tony Myers, Sex & Violence, The Muppet Show, Sami Callihan, Chris Benoit, David John Finlay Jr, Fit Finlay, Elvis, Graceland, The Emergency Room, scars are sexy, Death Match Wrestling, Jason Knight, PWG, "Fat" Frank Iadeavia

Wrestling Themed weddings, Sami Callihan, tommy fierro, Danny Inferno, The Inferno Kid, Ace Darling, Judas Young, They Live, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Terry Funk, Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Freyja, Terrence Malick, Tree of Life, Brad Pitt, American Museum of Natural History, Jurassic Park

and also: Fighting a bear, yes wrestling an actual motherfucking bear.

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