Sunday, July 3, 2011

Podcast episode 21

Thor's Hour of Thunder: 
4th of July Special! 
Episode 21: 
King Kong vs. Godzilla vs. Thor vs. Balder vs. Hogan vs. Freyja vs. Predator vs. Aliens vs. Terminator vs. Marvel vs. Capcom vs. Bambi

Remember if you would prefer to listen to this while looking at viking pigs, we still have the official site over at

This week we discuss: The most 4th of July style American film of all time.

Transformers: Dark of the moon, Farmville, The book of mormon, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Josh Gad, Norse Mythology, Emma Stone, Spider-man, The amazing Spider-man, Spider-man: Turn off the dark, Andrew Garfield, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Werner Herzog, Sleep No More, MacBeth, Orgy, Macbeth orgy, silent theater, theatre, Musicals, The Hulk, Fingers too big, The incredible hulk, cellphones, wearing a car as bib overalls, venture bros. Venture brothers, The Ultimate Warrior, WWE, WWF, World Wrestling, Hulk Hogan, Michael Bay, Bad Boys, Bad Boys II, The Rock, Transformers, Transformers: Dark of the moon, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

And Hogan brings us a new tech section where we discuss google plus, google +, google circles, facebook, farmville, and the SEC,

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