Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Seth Green rocks the coolest hair of all time.

Apparently Seth Green was in a Nerf ad in the 90's. You may be not at all surprised to learn that it is a terrible ad. It is filled with bad effects, "edgy" camera work, and that particular brand of smugness that pervaded a lot of ads aimed at children and teenagers in the early 90's.

It does however have three redeeming features:
1. Seth Green.
2. Seth Green's ridiculous hair.
3. Seth Green's inexplicable new york accent.*


Here is Seth Green's hair captured for posterity:

eat your heart out, Justin Bieber's hair flip

Feel free to make the above image the front of your Christmas Cards this year. Especially if you mail most of your Christmas Cards to Seth Green.


*Actually its not so much a New York accent, as specifically the accent of Tony Toponi, in the 1986 animated film An American Tail.  Wikipedia describes the character of Tony Toponi as, "a streetwise young mouse of Italian descent," which may be my new all-time favorite character description.

I just discovered via Wikipedia that Tony Toponi was actually voiced by a 30 year old woman. Which was an unexpected twist.

In other unexpected American Tail related developments, Phillip Glasser, the voice of lead mouse Fievel Mousekewitz, grew up to be one of the producers of the terrible Jamie Kennedy film Kickin' It Old School. Though looking on imbd, that film has 10 people credited as various types of producers. So it probably would have been more surprising if he wasn't one of the producers.

It also says that the film cost 25.7 million dollars to make, so I can see how it would take ten people to convince a studio that they should pony up almost 26 million dollars for a Jamie Kennedy film about break dancing. Though there is a happy ending, Kickin' It Old School made only 4 million dollars world wide and made the world a better place by being the last movie Jamie Kennedy was allowed to be in.

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