Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"What's with the goat?"

...I asked the employee in a hunting cap standing next to a goat and a trailer with huge photo of a bear on the side.

This was by the macy's in herald square nyc. Turns out Cabela's, the makers of the worlds best bar game* are releasing a home edition, so you can shoot dear without leaving the house. Cabela's are using this statue, which the employee let me know is actually of a ram, as part of a promotion for the game in herald square tomorrow.  Pictured is me with the dear. Which the cabala's employee said scientists and hunters tell the age of by their horn length, like the rings of a tree. If trees walked up mountains and head butted eachother.**

* or at least best bar game that you have to plug in. Flip cup and beer pong are more fun to play in a bar.
**if trees did that trees would be fucking awesome, and I would visit arboretums a thousand times more often

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