Thursday, September 16, 2010

Double Rainbow all the way!

So everyone on earth saw that double rainbow viral video back in July, except for me. I only became aware of the awesomeness that is a stoned (sounding) guy describing for the camera a rainbow with another rainbow on top if it a few weeks back when my co-worker Zena showed me both flavors of it. The original recipe, and the extra krispy  the Gregory  Brother's autotuned song version of it of it. I've been unable to get either out of my head since then.

They guy is awesome. He is so excited about that rainbow, and I'm so happy for him.

Apparently I wasn't the only one who didn't see this video until August, because someone at Microsoft apparently saw it a few weeks ago too, and then that person immediate filmed two commercials starring the famed Double Rainbow photographer and narrator, who is apparently name "Bear."

These commercials are okay,  but not amazing, the first is him pretty much Bear reenacting himself getting excited:

Its just what you would expect, but still cute.

The second is a pretty boring  1 minute and sixteen second long interview were bear talks about trees and Windows software. It really needs a lot more B-roll, one can only look at a guy talking about trees for so long, and this video is 1 minute and fifteen  seconds longer than that amount of time. I wouldn't really recommend watching this unless you forgot what a guy walking looks like.

These may not be the best commercials ever, but I'm writing about them because I'm genuinely happy for Bear. I bet doing these commercials is a lot more lucrative for than his previous careers of: guy who does drugs in the woods,**  andlooking like the "If they mated" answer for Willie Nelson and Horatio Sans.

This video is only tangentially related but I thought that the opportunity to post one of those classic Conan "If they mated" videos should not be passed by.

(I'm with Coco. and so is slash***)

*I shouldn't be too hard on the guy. He made me so happy by being so excited for that rainbow, and he appears to be a nice person, even if the second video proves he is a terribly boring interview subject. (at least when not high)

**For legal reasons I should point out that I have no evidence that bear does drugs I just assume it. Look at or listening any single second of  Bear in any of the posted videos to discover why I hypothesized this theory.

*** If you haven't seen this about slash preforming on Jay Leno wearing an I'm with Coco Pin and the show's director almost never showing slash on camera in an effort to keep the TV viewers from seeing the pin you should check it out at Gawker.

Double Rainbow Microsoft ads discovered via URLesque, which is a site that, based on their name, likes to write "esque" at the end of things as much as I do (See: Michael Cera-esque earlier this week)
P.S. I'm obviously super pissed Conan got fired from Tonight Show but I really think TBS will let him relax and be his awesome funny self, which is something NBC never let him to do on in the 11:35 time slot.


  1. Crappy Editing by Microsoft on that Second video. You could tell Bear couldn't remember his lines for more than 15 seconds at a time. They filmed it the same way as they filmed Will Ferrel's landlord's lines

  2. @ CS:
    Good point about the shitty editing. But rather than him flubbing lines, I think it was more that they were actually trying to interview him, and couldn't find more then a few seconds of vaguely interesting material said by Bear in a row.