Thursday, November 3, 2011

This movie has too many first names.

I read way to much about movies and TV, so I occasionally will go to an indie cinema when I have a few hours to kill and see the next movie playing that i have heard the least about.

Today, I got to have the rare privilege, of going into a movie knowing absolutely nothing about it. Having not even seen the poster. I had only about 3 hours to kill before a meeting, which happened to be taking place right near an independent film theater which I had been to before and really dug. So I walked in, and saw the only movie which was going to end before I had to leave the theater to go to my meeting. Consequently this meant i missed the first 15 minutes or so of the film, but i actaully dig this, since i love mystery films and it allows me to solve the mystery of "What the hell is going on." I think I enjoyed Godford park alot more by arriving in the theater when I saw it right as the last guest to arrive was being introduced instead of the first, since it meant I had to understand the characters through their interactions instead of the initial introductions.

The movie I saw today was the confusingly titled "Martha Marcy May Marlene." The only person I even vaguely recognized in the cast was This Guy who I guess I saw in the film Identity with John Cusack. Though I think he might just look familiar because he looks either like a really creepy really gaunt version of Lyle Lovett, or a thinner version, less "I look like i'm a cocky prick" looking version of Sean Penn.

It was really well done and held my interest, though I didn't think it had a lot to say other then "abusive sex cults are bad."

Since I now get to watch the trailer after seeing the film lets take a look as seen what I think of it having already consumed the film:

Good trailer. I forgot about them singing that song in the film, it was used to great effect in the trailer.

The last shot of the trailer (her looking around in the back of the car) is from near the end of the film, and I really admire how they are able to use it to generate suspense without giving away the plot point that happens round around the time of that shot.*

Oh and the main chick in the film is apparently related to the Olsen twins, and looks just like them in all the photos of her on imdb. I didn't recognize her face as looking "Olsen-ey" in the film. I thought the cast did a good job, including the Olsenette.


*message me if you want to know what it is that happens around that car back seat shot in the trailer, I don't way to give anything away, since folks should support independent film by seeing it in theaters.


  1. Hilarious title. My friends and I saw it in the theater but whenever we talked about it, before and after the film, and when we tried to get the tickets, we got really frustrated and couldn't exactly remember the title. Marsha Martha Marly May Marlene Marcy. The film was pretty good; it didn't completely draw me in, but the ideas were interesting. My favorite part was the song, actually. Very haunting.

  2. @Elleoneiram

    I agree that The song was great. I've mentioned the film in passing on the Thor's Hour of Thunder podcast, It was very interesting and I liked the pacing, but I agree with you that it doesn't always do a good job of drawing the viewer in, I was very conscious that I was watching a movie.