Wednesday, March 21, 2012

American Reunion's trailer promises some kinda sentimental rom-com about a guy fucking a pie.

I'm amazing how often tailers these days leave me with no desire to see the movie.

Sometimes this is purely because I'm not the target market, but often it is due to the tailer being shitty. Such as the trailer for the Topher Grace, Richard Gere, Martin Sheen film "The Double"which revealed the movie's big twist right in the trailer. (source) Or the twist half way through the little seen Daniel Craig thriller "Dream House" which was prominently featured in the trailer (source).

Conversely, I also see many 2 minute theatrical trailers that spend the first 2/3s of the trailer humming along just fine, but then seem to run out of anything interesting to show the viewer. The fall back in this case is a montage with inspirational music, and even if this technique doesn't fit the film's genre at all.

A recently example of this is the abysmal trailer for American Pie 4/American Reunion/Whatever, which features painful dumb sex humor for the first 2/3s and then all of a sudden the sappy music rushes in and their all all these softly lit shots like its the damn trailer for "The Notebook 2: The Gosling-ening"
For those of you who don't feel like watching the shitty trailer below let me summarize:

Dick Joke, Dick Joke, Something Nostaglic for first movie, Dick Joke, inspirational speech???? What the fuck? "None of our lives are perfect but no matter what we are going through, we will always be there for eachother".

Really? Really? This is the trailer for a movie in a series which so far featured a guy getting caught by his dad having sex with a pie, A guy supergluing his dick to his hand, and earlier in the same trailer had Eugene Levy trying to open a porn mag only to find the pages were stuck together with his son's semen?

Oh god I can hear the music swelling in the background, its time for a bunch of unearned sentimentality..."This bed is on fire with passionate love..."

(this change in tone occurs at around 1minute and 40 seconds into trailer)

I should admit at this point that although I love a lot of really dumb comedy, such as EuroTrip and all the Harold and Kumar movies, I've never been able to sit through an entire "American Pie"film. I've seen the first 30 minutes of the first one and the middle 30 of the 2nd one and found them both harmless but moronic.

(Trailers for The Double and American Reunion first seen on FilmDrunk, which is apparently the source for everything I post on this blog these days)

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