Sunday, March 18, 2012

I don't know what the hell is going on but it is awesome

Here is the trailer for a new indie film called "The FP":

The FP - Trailer from Trost Bros. on Vimeo.

The website has had a hard-on for this movie for like a thousand years now, but I just finally watched the trailer now. When I heard "comedy about Dance Dance Revolution competitions" I couldn't have been less interested, but I finally gave the trailer a shot because of filmdrunk quoting from this review from the SF chronicle: “I thought I was watching the worst movie I’ve ever seen. But no. ‘The FP’ is deadpan hilarious, a shameless satire of every teen gang, future-shock dystopian nightmare movie"

The Trailer starts to lose my interest around the two minute mark, bust does a good job of explaining what the film is about and capturing the tone of the comedy in it. (I say based on having not seen the film though, so I guess it could actually be a political thriller for all I know. So I guess I really mean the trailer gets a specific atmosphere and tone across very precisely.)

Basically if you want to see a bunch of people dressed like rejects from The Warriors/Blade Runner acting fucking ridiculous, this is most likely the film for you.

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