Tuesday, March 20, 2012


as filmdrunk pointed out, this is a real ad which uses/rips off the style originated by that "powerthrist" parody video, but, its awesome so I don't care. Besides those time and eric produced old spiced ads with the muscle-y guy from "The Expendables" pretty much just ripped off power thirst as well, and everyone still seems to think Tim and Eric are funny.

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Power Thirst:

One of the Tim and Eric produced old spice ads:

I get on a conceptual level why Tim and Eric are funny, but everything I have seen from them, included the  above ad seems like it puts being weird as a priority over actually being funny or entertaining, so I have to admit that unlike the rest of the internet, I'm not a fan of their style of humor. Though I'm glad we live in a world were adult swim allows comedians with a really niche style of humor to have shows.

(Tim and Eric video and idea that they were similar to "power thirst"was apparently planted in my head months back via WarmingGlow.

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