Monday, November 26, 2012

Podcast Episode 72

Thor's 72: 
The Shadow in: 
The Wrath of Magnon

The previous episode of our parody of the shadow ended on cliff hanger, so I decided to be a merciful god of thunder and give you the second and final part right away.



(What is the The shadow? see the descriptions of Episode 67 or Episode 71 for details:

This is the first of a few episodes which will no be labeled "Explicit".
This is because they contain no language you would not hear on american FM radio, it does not mean they are any less weird than are usual episodes.

NOTE FROM THOR: On air I say this is episode 70. This episode was recorded before the james bond special but is now episode 72 since the review of Skyfall was more time sensitive, so it was released first.

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