Friday, June 14, 2013

AC Slater is seducing you with his torso poems

This is an underwear ad, photographed instore at K-Mart.  Mario Lopez is famous for "saved by the bell" and for somehow looking younger every year since looking too old to play a high schooler in saved by the bell 20 years ago.
Apparently he has parlayed that fame into a line of underwear, which is uncreatively called MaLo, and the ads for which feature the confusing slogan "My heart is the only thing that is made of stone" scrawled across his rippling abs with sharpie.
This ad is over serious and laughable and Lopez looks so unnatural not smiling. However, I do have to commend the font choice for the above message, it looking like hastily scrawled handwriting, but is just the right amount of distressed so it doesn't become distracting, I think that font would be very effective in a different context.

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