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Podcast Episodes 101 to 106

Thor's Hour of Thunder
Episodes 101 to 106: 
Man of Steel 
(Photo of our awesome pantheon member Purple Drank)

Thor 101: Man of Steel

The quick jist of action packed episode 101: We talk about this guy and all his super tree glory. 
Can he defeat mother nature? Will Lois save him or should she make like a tree and leaf?

Cover photo suggested by Vidar who also wrote the above awesome description.

Myself (Thor), Bjork, Hiemdale, Njord, Vidar, Purple Drank, and new god Doctor Detriot talk the superman movie Man of Steel as well as many other things.

Ernie Hudson, the 1978 John Carpenter Movie Halloween, Nick Castle, Tony Moran, Fatality Fest, Fort Lauderdale, Jimmy Olsen, Amy Adams, Chest hair, Green Lantern, Henry Cavill, Superman 2, Superman II, Superman, Richard Lester, Christopher Reeves, Kevin Costner, Russel Crowe, Michael Shannon, Zod, Kneel before Zod.

Cover photo suggested by Vidar who also wrote this awesome description: 
The quick jist of action packed episode 101: We talk about this guy and all his super tree glory. 
Can he defeat mother nature? Will Lois save him or should she make like a tree and leaf?

(Vidar everything about the photo you chose and caption you wrote makes me so happy)

Thor 102: Buns of Steel

More Superman, along with the new Harrison Ford movie "Paranoia". This film co-stars Liam Hemsworth (from Hunger Games and Expendables 2), who is the brother of Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor.

This leads us into a discussion of who is hotter Chris or Liam Hemsworth. What do you think? Email into hourofthunder (at) and let us know.

we also talk some more stuff about movies and comic books including kryptonite, Superman Returns, Lex Luthor, Wayne Industries, the National Guard, and more.

Cover photo for this episode via:

Thor 103: Captain Planet and the Planeteers

We talk about many things, some of which is still Man of Steel,

The Inhumans, the Inhuman's stupid dog, Krypto the Super Dog, The Super cat, the super monkey. Too many damned super animals. The Super Horse. Bad Horse. Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart, Linka (voiced by Kath Soucie), The Russian Chick on Captain Planet was hot.

Grind House, Death Proof, Planet Terroor, Rosario Dawson, Rose McGowen, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez.

Did you know LeVar Burton from Roots and Star Trek: The Next Generation voiced Kwame the Planeteer from Africa?

Thor's 104: Streaky the Supercat

Is Superman too busy trying to get fresh air to stop his super friends from turning his girl into a super whore? Find out in Episode 103!

(Cover photo selected for this episode by Vidar, who also wrote the funny caption for me. Vidar also did this for episodes 101 and 105. I salute Vidar for fighting for truth justice an the american way but mostly I'm glad him sending me these cover photos and prewritten captions made my job easier. -Thor.)

Streaky the Supercat, Beppo the supermonkey, Krypto the Superdog. Jimmy Olsen, Amy Adams Man of Steel, ZacK Snyder, 2013, Henry Cavill, Rebecca Buller, Jenny Olsen, Fishburne.

Thor 105: Super Muffins!

Are muffins stronger than kryptonite? Listen to find out!

Cover photo again selected and captioned by Vidar, who unfortunately had lost most of his voice so was not in parts 104, 105, and 106. Get well soon Vidar! (Though your deep scratchy voice you had going on sounded really bad ass!)

we talk superman, get Doctor Detriot's opinion on Iron Man 3, talk Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon, The Philadelphia Zoo, Superman Red Sun, Superman for all seasons, Superman: Doomsday, Jim Gaffigan, and more.

Cover image via:

Thor 106: Kneel before Zod

hepatitis c, David S. Goyer, Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan, Dark Knight Trilogy, Kevin Costner, Krypton, Dragonfly looking things that Russel Crowe rides, Flashbacks to Superboy, Clark Kent as a kid running around wearing a read cape. Michael Shannon. Jor El movie. General Zod, strip club, Man of Steel, Superman, Zack Snyder

This episode's cover photo of Purple Drank in costume as Harley Quinn for Philadelphia Comic Con

you ever see that meme that has a photo of Neil Armstrong in front of Zod with the caption "Neil before zod"? If you haven't you can right the fuck now:

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