Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Podcast Episode 107

Thor's 107: The Shadow in: The Man Made of Man-made Knifes Part 1

We here at Thor's occasionally write parodies of the old Orson Welles radio detective show "The Shadow" and act them out.

Here is one such parody.

He is a list of folks from the normal hour of thunder pantheon and the character they play (in case you are courious):
Thor Does the voice of the Narrator and Stebbins,
Baldr does the voice of The Shadow/ Lamont Cranston,
Freyja does the voice of Gwen Deebly,
Officer Tiger does the voice of Officer Tiger.
Hell v.1 (from the muppets episode) does the sound effects and the voice of Bubbles

email hourofthunder (at) gmail.com if you want a copy of the script so you can follow along.

Thor's 107.5: Outtakes from "The Man Made of Man-made Knifes Part 1"

I'm not sure how interested people are in listening to six minutes of outtakes, but I thought these were funny, so I figured I would publish them incase people were interested. The outtakes go in chronological order from beginning to end of episode.

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