Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Podcast Episodes 108, 109, and 110

Thor's Hour of Thunder
Episodes 108, 109, 110

Thor's 108: McDonald's Happy Meal Toy Nostalgia

I've been meaning to do an episode about McDonalds Happy Meal Toys since I first started this show. Thanks to Bjork for suggesting we finally do one.

Myself (Thor), Bjork, Vidar, and Doctor Detriot discuss: McRobots, Animaniacs toys, Tiny Toon Adventure Toys, Back to the future II sunglasses, Back to the Future The animated series toys, Batman Forever glasses, Rock Donald's Flintstones glasses, Star Trek II: In Search of Spock glasses, Muppet Babies Toys, Mario jumping spring toys, Nintendo 64 controller toys.

ending audio from this 80's McRobots Ad 

Thor's 109: Remake-apalooza

We talk about what movies we think are ripe for being remade and improved upon. As well as our opinions on recent remakes including Prom Night, Texas Chainsaw 3D, Evil Dead, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm St.

Cover art for this episode from this list of the favorite remakes of blogger David Frank

Thor's 110: Curse of Remake-apalooza

We talk more remakes. including Cobra. We also talk about beverly hills cop but not in regards to remaking it. We talk about more things but I don't feel like typing anymore.

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