Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Podcast Episode 100

We made it! 100 Episodes of this nonsense! Hell Yeah!
Thor's Hour of Thunder


We realize about 12 minutes into this episode that we have been talking long enough that we have now reached episode 100. We talk a lot about 90's music in this episode.

More Nu Metal, Jonathan Davis, Korn, limp bizkit, Carson Daily, The Pixies, Total Request Live, Jimmy Fallon, Ska, Less Then Jake, Street Light Manifesto, Ramstein, Neil Gaiman, Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer, Coin Operated Boy, Brian Viglione, Linkin Park.

Also we talked about how matt smith is stepping down as doctor who and how there will be a 50th anniversary special in the fall back in episode 98, but I forgot to mention it then.

I had 99 luftballons for the ending music on the previous episode since it was episode 99, and I just listened to that episode and discovered i said i would end it with that new linkin park track that Njord was suprised he liked, and forgot. so here is the music video for that song if you want to hear what it sounds like: it is called "Burn It Down" 

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