Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Moonshine + earmuffs= automobile accident

Here is a photo of a traffic saftey mural that is currently featured in the window display of the midmanhattan new york public library.

I like way the mural's equation is broken down. We have two distinct senerios written here. First: Walking or driving while distracted by cell phone use leads to cars running into road signs. The second is that drinking while driving or walking is apparently okay on its own, bit when paired with listening to music on headphones WHILE drinking, will lead to a car crash. Im glad i was made aware of this deadly combination. To think, for all these yesrs I have carefully made sure to not drink and drive, when I now discover it is perfectly safe provided one does not do it whilst listening to what appear to be the headphones worn by Bach on the cover of 1970's the moog synthesizer album "Switched On Bach".

I realize i am playing dirty pool by making fun of an public sevice ad designed by kids instead of professionals, but I'm pretty sure when out forefathers put the right to free speech in the bill of rights, they specifically were trying to protect our right to make fun of well meaning children for poorly exicuting a mural against drunk driving. Actually they probably had drunk horse riding in mind, but their spirit of our of the framers of our constitution is clear.

It'd also like to point our that I think its a bit unfair for this public service ad to toss walking while drunk in with drunk driving. Drunk walking is proven by the American Automobile Association to be the send safest form of drunk transportation, behind only drunk crawling.

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