Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Drop Everything and sit by your TV till 11pm tonight.

Former republican chairman Michael Steel is appearing on the Daily Show tonight. I normally fast forward through the guests, but the guests normally do not have their own felt puppet that has appeared on the Daily Show.

If you haven't seen the episodes with this puppet on it, the awesome joke is that Steele looks a lot the Sesame Street Muppet who interacts with Grover when he is a waiter.  Once Steele lost his re-election bid as the RNC chairman, the Daily Show officially retired the puppet, but if they don't bring that awesome puppet back for the Steele interview I will be one sad panda.* Here is on of the longer segments they did with the puppet. The whole thing is about Steele, but the puppet shows up at 2:40.

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Steele Crazy After All These Years
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Michael Steele puppet, I miss you so much already! Anyway, this isn't advertising related but I would be remiss in my obligations as a citizen of spaceship earth* if I didn't inform you all of Steele being on the show in the flesh instead of the felt. (InstantRimShot.com)

*A reference to the animated panda in anchorman, sort of. At least in my mind. Do you really need a justification for this? It gives you an excuse to picture this blog being typed by an unhappy panda bear. How will its giant paws fit onto the QWERTY keyboard? Hi jinks are sure to ensue!
**A term coined by scientist and inventor R. Buckminster Fuller. Read more about it here. Fuller is awesome.

via TPM

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