Wednesday, February 9, 2011

GroupOn Super Bowl Ad

I want to put up a post about my opinion the GroupOn Tibet ad and the ensuing controversy,  especially after my friend and loyal reader Ken emailed me about it, but I know i will not have time this week to detail my opinion in writing. So instead I recorded my opinion in one take (and apparently too close to the computer's built in microphone judging by the distortion, sorry about that.)

You can listen to it below:
(upated in April 2014 since I made this post blogspot has stopped playing nice with embedded media, If the embedded audio play is not working, you can listen to my discussion of the ad by clicking here)

Here are the relavent links to what I talk about:

The New York Times article

The super snarky Onion A.V. Club Article

An older Onion A.V. Club article on the same topic (the one that I pointed out the second Onion article takes a contrary view to. (I realize I am complaining about the journalistic integrity of bloggers who write for the Onion, but what is the internet for if not nerds calling each other out.))

The GroupOn ad in question:

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