Thursday, February 24, 2011

I want to have sex with this poster.

The Adjustment Bureau poster featuring Emily Blunt which was the first ad after the turnstiles on the subway platform i wait at to get home from work got plastered over with a new ad today.

There is a very short list of things I would rather look at than Ms. Blunt while waiting for the train. Fortunately the MTA poster ad gods smiled on me and gave me a poster for the 2011 film release with the best trailer. This move has everything: robots, dinosaurs, Nazis, and hot chicks. And as much as I like looking at robots fighting dinosaurs, I'm glad the poster designers went with hot chicks in ridiculous outfits as the central focus.

Below is another poster from the film that I'm going to go ahead and award best piece of movie related advertising of 2011.

Here is the trailer of this freight train full of awesome:

I'd like to get into some sort of meaningful analysis of why these are good promotional matterials from a commercial and esthetic standpoint, but I am failing to get my brain to analyze it on a level deeper than just repeating: "Holy shit this kicks so much fucking ass" to myself over and over again. I  can't help but hyping this up way too much for myself.

I need to end this post now before it just degenerating into me drooling of this steam punk universe occupied entirely by awesome monsters and gorgeous women. 

In conclusion: god bless america, or at least bless the parts of America that are comprised of the hot chicks, robots and dinosaurs.

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