Sunday, February 13, 2011

Like animals? I mean like them a little to much? I mean "like" them Catherine the Great style? The you will love Bud Light!

A friend of mine (actually Ken again, it has been a banner week for him here at Strictly Commercials) had an awesome Spuds McKenzie bar sign in his college apartment which inspired me to put that Hawaiian shirt wearing bull terrier on the logo for my site. But I must confess I didn't know anything about his ads other then a few print ads of Spuds looking cool hanging out at the beach.

So I wasn't prepared for this commercial:

It starts out like every other beer ad ever, but with the party for some reason being thrown by a disinterested dog. But then near the end things start to get sexy. Spud grabs a girl's ass during a conga line and she exclaims, "Spuds gives the motion to the ocean!" A phrase that has only ever been used to describe intercourse, though normally by 9th grade Sex Ed teachers or people trying to explain away their small penises. Why are double entendre's being directed at a dog? Why is that dog grabbing a girls ass? What sick, sick ad executive had always wanted to go to a tropical orgy with a bull terrier and decided to inflict his fantasy onto a national audience?

I can only assume these ads were solely designed for increasing Bud Light sales in Belgium. Wait just a second here! 1992: The final Spuds McKenzie commercial is shown. 2009: The Belgium company InBev buys Anheuser-Busch, the makers of Spuds' favorite beer. Perhaps these ads about dogs pickuping up chicks were simply part of a long term ad campaign from Anheuser-Busch to make their company desirable to the Belgians.*

*You may think I am being too hard on the Belgians by calling them all pervents. I counter that with the fact that Belgium has spat out at the innocent people of earth over the past several decades both Christopher Lambert AND Jean Claude Van Damme.**
**Though to be fair, Time Cop was awesome. And also gave us the funniest line in this wonderful Article about future predicting sci-fi movies. And that line, about predictions about the future Time Cop made and got very wrong: "At one point, there's a throwaway sequence of a man preparing to masturbate with a VR headset, something we've all dreamed about at one time or another (that is, we've all dreamed of having VR porn. Hopefully your dreams aren't haunted by some guy in a big futuristic helmet masturbating)."

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