Monday, April 2, 2012

Bad Ass of the week: Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly is the man.

Here is early footage of a concert in which the line-up included:
1. Buddy Holly
2. Johnny Cash
3. Carl Perkins
4. Jerry Lee Lewis
5. Elvis Presley

If you invent a time machine please bring with you the following list:

To Do:
1. June 3rd 1955. Lovett, Texas
notes: Best concert ever. If there is time bring along Musican Lyle Lovett, travel back to 1855 as well and get town re-named "Lyle Lovett, Texas"

2. April 20, 1985 Courthouse Square set at Universal Studio
notes: last day of filming for Back to the Future if your time machine happens to be a deloren just appear hear midday and everyone will assume it is part of the special effects.

Buddy Holly revolutionized Rock and Roll, if he hadn't died at age 23 a lot of folks who know way more about music and history than myself think he was close to making the kinds of innovations in album structure and instrumentation that instead have to wait a decade to be made by the Beatles.
(So the Marlow to the Beatles' Shakespeare)

Want more Buddy Holly, someone made the awesome decision to make a 25 minute youtube video which compiled all publicly available footage of the best thing to come out of Texas before the Alamo Cinema and Drafthouse. (the first couple minutes are that same footage of the concert in Lovett since it is the earliest known film footage of either Elvis or Buddy Holly.)

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