Sunday, April 22, 2012

Podcast episode 56

Thor 56: Hunger (Games) Hunger (Games) Hippos

Hey folks, Thor here, sorry for the month delay between episodes, Loki used magic to cause myself and Chris Hemsworth to trade bodies and I spend the entire month I was in his body staring at myself in the mirror. Damn that man has fine abs.

Podcast NEWS: I've decided to start uploading old episodes which we had to take down, due to the space limitations of podomatic, onto a new podomatic account. Episode ten is already up there with more to come. Which "lost" episodes do you want to hear first? let us know at hourofthunder (at) gmail.
Access "Thor's Hour of Thunder CLASSIC" here:

Official Website for the new episodes is still

Listen to our old college scripted comedy parody "The Shadow" here:

This episode we talk about:
Hunger Games, Ender's Game, Battle Royal, Influences of the book "Hunger Games". Thor's review of the book Hunger Games, Bladr and Loki's review of the movie Hunger Games, Loki's review of the book Enders Game,

saoirse ronan, hit girl, chloe moretz, bieng a teenage girl, Ru, Katniss, Jennifer Lawrence, dark shadows, adam west, wheat thins, johnny depp, tim burton, hunger games, evil dead II, evil dead 2, Shakey cam, Book versus movie, Ender's Game, Producers of show have causing deaths, bait, series 7: the contenders.

Cover Photo this week via Deviant Art

End song provided by friend of the show Alan. It is him covering Mark Hamill's cover of "Only You" at the character "The Joker" from the end credits of the video game "Arkham City"

PS I Really want the adaptation of the Hunger Games book "Mocking Jay" to have the end credits music be Carly Simon and James Taylor re-recording their ridiculous cover of the nursery rhyme "Mocking Bird". Just picture it: mock YEAH ing YEAH bird YEAH!. YEAH! (Yeah!)

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