Thursday, September 16, 2010

Michael Cera Plain and Tall*

This video isn't as funny as I wish it were, but figured I was just complaining about Michael Cera so and this video was just created by LandlineTV today. So clearly they made it for me. Which was nice of them, so I figured should post it.

Its an advertisement for the Michael Cera school of acting. The idea of teaching people to act like that awkward mumblecore enthusiast is really funny and though I think the video could be tighter and vary the gags more I'd much rather watch a 2 minute ad for a fake Michael Cera acting school that have to watch 1 one minute of actual Michael Cera.**
*Title stolen from a commenter's name on Video found via Filmdrunk
** I'm not sure where my dislike of Michael Cera came from, maybe because he is the only person refusing to commit to the arrested development movie, dispite being one of least funny actors on the show. (He said he would might buy a shredder just to shred the script. Really)

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