Saturday, September 11, 2010

Its takes a lot more work to think of jokes for posts about ads I actually enjoy.

Presenting: the trailer for Inception, with all of the video exactly the same, and all of the audio replaced by people making sound effects with their mouths. This includes the dialogue, which I actually find even funnier than the guys making sounds of the film's score.

(I know I could have made that sentence alot shorter by just saying A Capella, but I hate the term A Capella because it brings to mind every shitty College A Capella group ever. And College A Capella groups always consist of a bunch of guys with undecended testicles making stupid noises in background while a mediocre singer warbles out a rendition of a song you vaguely remember thinking was boring when you heard it while waiting in line at the Stop-n-Shop 6 years ago.

And where does "A Capella" get off being two words anyway? I've have to type the space bar seven extra times for this post to make that damned thing two words each time. And this is made difficult by the fact that I was born without thumbs, so every time i have to use my feet to hit the space between that A and that C its like a a chasm of mockery filled with a river of taunts gushing at me out of the computer monitor.)

That escalated quickly.

Anyway, here is the trailer, its awesome, its so good it will make you want to be a better person.* 

* I stole that line about watching something and it making me want to be a better person from either the blog FilmDrunk or WarmingGlow, I forget which. But I also first saw the trailer on film drunk so they deserve a double shout out.**

**Also as the rant immediately before it probably clued you into, I failed at being a better person and went right back to being cantankerous and lying about having no thumbs. both of which I'm pretty sure are mortal sins.

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