Thursday, August 11, 2011

Guggenheimlich maneuver

Sorry for the blurriness. I took this photo on an old A train car which is from the 1960's so it swayed from side to side a lot (if this blog was called "strictly subway car history" I would point out that I think this old car type is still the best NYC subway car design and they should start building them again.)

Anyway, this ad shows Manhattan if only central park was the area with buildings. Which is a cool piece of art.

The ad is for a Guggenheim exhibit that is for some reason not going on at the Guggenheim. I'm not sure why they are choosing to not have this exhibit at their giant round museum. Maybe they ran out of space because they decided to have 90 percent of the Guggenheim be a huge empty atrium. Or maybe they had to close the Gugg for repairs again because Clive Owen shot the living shit out of it again:

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