Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Terry Gilliam makes me happy

I love well down "making of" documentries. I remember as a kid Jim Henson had some specials (I think it was part of "The Jim Henson Hour" where he showed how muppets were made, and even how the sets for the specials were made.

This video gives me a similar feeling of joy. Watching a movie maker who I love explaining to me how he does what he loves.

This isn't at all advertising related but I just wanted to share it with the world.

Oh and since youtube has everything, here is that Jim Henson Hour episode. The show was apparently from 1989, but wiki tells me I probably saw it on Nickelodeon in reruns in 1992.

(The comments section indicates parts of this episode had to be removed due to a copyright claim from lionsgate pictures, which just makes this the even more quinntessential youtube viewing experience.)

Terry via Filmdrunk

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